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It's awesome app for beginner to generate website in a mean time for college projects as well as for demo. You can customize with new feature and give you agile development. As it writes simple code it's easy to understand.


I think this app is really great , i kinda newbie on website thing and this app help me so much! thank u.

Michael Gumban

This is cool especially when we're going to make our own website. Congrats on your launch.

George Tsiramua

Supporting developers with AI tools are very important for increasing productivity, speed and efficiensy. I love the idea. Good luck with launch and farther development.


I believe this is a game-changer for no-code lovers like me!! Generative code for responsive website - I used it and managed to generate a site's code in less than few minutes!

Jim Martin

Accuracy of code and layout. Pretty amazing.

Jamia Eubanks

I like how easily it creates code & makes a beautiful website in under a minute!

Cedric Williams

I like that you utilize AI to expedite the creation of websites w/ source-code. This is a competitive advantage compared with AI website generation platforms that don’t.

Gary Ehler

Ease of use and that you are using Tailwind CSS & Alpine.js.